To the Manor Born

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Recently widowed Audrey Fforbes-Hamilton Keith is devastated when she is forced to sell her ancestral home after the death of her husband leaves her in desperate need of funds. The new owner of Grantleigh Manor, self-made millionaire Richard De Vere Bowles sets about making changes to the day-to-day running of the manor which, having just moved into the lodge at the end of the drive, Audrey sees developing before her.

As Audrey decides to educate the new lord of the manor in his civic duties, a love-hate relationship develops between the pair with occasional mediation from Audrey's best friend Marjory Angela Thorne and Richard's mother Mrs Poo Daphne Heard. The collection also includes the Christmas special 'The First Noel' and the 25th anniversary episode. Bonusmateriale Interactive Menus.

Har du sett? The Muslin New Year varies from year to year because the Muslin calendar has fewer days than the English calendar. For example: it was December 9th in and September 21st in Aberystwyth is a coastal town Wales. I could find no reference explaining why anyone would want to go their to observe the high tide, unless it's an extremely high, high tide or it marks the beginning of a local event.

Audrey quotes a passage from the Countryman Magazine to express her feelings about the coming of Spring. This is one of the most respected magazines in the world about rural life. It was established in and is still in publication today. Audrey is afraid Richard is going to let the estate fall into 'rack and ruin. At one point Audrey mentions that Grantleigh is in one of the wettest counties in the UK. Because of its long coastline, Somerset has a very mild and wet climate.

It averages 2. The lowest temperatures are 35 F and the highest average 71 F. It rains an average of nine days every month. To this observation Richard states that he doesn't care as long as it doesn't shrink to the size of a bonsai bowling green. Bowling greens are rectangular grassy playing fields for Bowls, in which players take turns trying to roll balls as close as possible to a target ball. While defending church traditions, Audrey mentions Cranmers Prayer Book.

Thomas Cranmer wrote The Common Book of Prayer, as a guide to standardize the order of events during services in the newly formed Church of England. Audrey is late for church because she forgot about daylight saving time. In the opening scene, Audrey complains about the price of 9-penny stamps, an idiomatic name for the stamp required to mail a first class letter.

She has good reason to. Audrey buys a large 'bloomer,' which turns out to be a loaf of bread. More specifically, a 'bloomer' is a large loaf of unsliced white bread that weighs close to two pounds.

To the Manor Born

The texture is slightly denser than regular white bread and the crust, which many times is scored, it thick and crusty. It's called a bloomer because it's not baked in a tin and as such is free to spread or bloom. Richard buys a breaded ham. This is a ham pulled from the oven an hour before it's done and coated with a mixture of bread crumbs, brown sugar, butter or oil, and sometimes mustard then returned to the oven to finish baking.

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The bread crumb coated helps seal in moisture and creates a sweet, crunchy exterior. Audrey is distressed she can't buy a can of Royal Game Soup. This is a rich soup of pheasant and venison, potatoes, carrots, onions and various spices in a dark broth. Patterson's store is called an off-license because it has a license to sell alcoholic beverages to be consumed outside of the store, unlike a pub where it can be consumed on the premises. Richard also buys a box of Havana cigars. Thread Needle Street in London marks the financial center of England.

In it had the headquarters of the Bank of England, the London Stock Exchange and many more prestigious institutions. When Audrey returns home she's distressed to learn Brabinger found a dead pigeon in the water lodge's water tank.

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Many older houses in Britain had water storage tanks connected to the main water supply to store water for use when water demand was so high the mains pressure dropped so low it couldn't keep up with it. Like the tank to a toilet, these tanks would automatically be refilled at a slow rate the mains could handle yet for a short time supply the high flows rates needed when the main pressure was low.

Normally these tanks are sealed to prevent dirt and animals from entering, but many have covers that are loose or completely missing. Marjory defends Richard partially because he's working to correct the manor's problems with dry rot, rising damp and the death watch beetle. Dry rot is a crumbling of wood caused by a fungus that doesn't require as high a level of moisture as most fungi to grow. Rising damp is moisture pulled upward through a building's foundations via capillary action. In most locations evaporation of moisture out through the sides of the walls prevents it from working up very high, but in areas of high humidity where evaporation is minimal or where the walls have been painted with waterproof paint, it can creep upward far enough to compromise plaster, weakened wood and cause paint to flake off.

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Death watch beetles are small wood-eating insects that make a faint clicking sound that can only be heard when the infected house is completely silent, such as during a vigil after someone has died, hence the name. They can only be heard by the mourners standing a death watch.

Live like a lord or lady on estates from Abbey Leix to Seafield House

Audrey pesters Richard into preserving an old wood fireplace mantle claiming that is is valuable antique Adam. Robert Adam was an influential designer and production innovator. One of his inventions was a moldable mixture of wood fibers that could be pressed into forms allowing him to quickly manufacture complicated shaped that appeared to have been painstakingly hand carved. Richard's safe in his new office is a Chubb, a renown UK safe company from to the present. While Audrey is helping Richard buy a horse, he claims the horse is for her but when the salesman asks what weight the horse will be carrying, Richard responds "15 stone.

Audrey discovers one horse has a bowed tendon. This is tendon that has been partially torn, then healed improperly so that it isn't perfectly straight. She asks if the horse had been 'fired. In the end Audrey gets Richard a good hunting horse for pounds, which was a great deal.

Based on prices and reverse correcting for inflation, average prices for such a horse would be closer to pounds. Brabinger and Marjory discover a Portland Stone hearth in Audrey's lodge.

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Portland Stone is limestone from the Isle of Portland, Dorset. It is famous for having a beautiful and very uniform gray-white hue. Laughter follows Mrs. Patterson's suggestion that Brigadier Lemington may have to go to Dundee to get his car license. This is because Dundee is in northern Scotland, just about the farthest place in Britain from Somerset.

Her second suggestion that he take a V10 to Thorton gets almost as big a laugh because it's in the middle of Britain, almost as difficult to reach.

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Audrey chides the Brigadier for driving around with an expired car license with the notice 'license applied for' posted on the car. The reason Audrey brings it up is that as a magistrate she's in a position to fine him for not having a license. A magistrate is a locally prominent person assigned by the British legal system to hand out legal judgements for local crimes with sentences up to 6 months in jail and fines up to 5, pounds sterling. There are typically three magistrates per district who acted together as both judge and jury.

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Legal training is not a requirement. Magistrates get legal advice from Justice's Clerks, who have degrees and certifications in the law. Magistrates also sit on licensing boards, which approve permits for the sale of alcohol and so forth. The reason Lemington could get away with 'license applied for' was that British bureaucracy is notoriously slow in processing licenses.

Summer Hunt Balls are formal dinner and dancing balls designed to help play for some of the expenses associated with the hunt. In many cases they feature an auction to earn additional funds. The Brigadier states his wife can't manage the ball because she was injured in a point-to-point. This is a horse race where contestants race to a fixed point, turn around and race back to the finish line, which is the same as the starting line. Richard is a non-playing member of the MCC, or Marybourne Cricket Club, one of the most prestigious in the land and considered the home of cricket.

While cricket explanations abound on the Internet, they can be challenging to understand without a comparative reference. The following description is grossly simplified, but helps people in baseball-dominated countries get an idea of how it's played:. Imagine a small baseball diamond with the pitcher bowler in cricket standing close to second base.

The batter stands at home plate, like normal, but there is a second man at second base who is on the same team as the batter.