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She quickly learns that her mother was intended to be included, so the two of them follow Grandma's pre-planned and gift-filled journey, repairing and strengthening their relationship along the way.

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My Secret Guide to Paris

This time, from the inside out, the way its settlers had lived it since the Stone Age boatmen at Bercy, I could feel it. An Associated Press correspondent and former editor of the International Herald Tribune, whose previous books have explored issues from cultural identity to journalistic ethics, Rosenblum is adept at conveying feeling without foresaking facts. Written in a style that weaves idle conversation with investigative reportage, this book takes us from the Seine's alleged source some 30 miles northwest of Dijon, to where it spills luxuriously into the sea at Le Havre.

Notwithstanding the beautiful countryside, there is more to the Seine than meets the eye. Rosenblum seems to consider his subject like a liquid prism in which he gleans the present and the past. From the Seine's silty shores unfolds an entire civilization, from its murky water centuries of history. We accept these extrapolations because of the author's copious detective work, and because this is after all France, where tradition prevails, and explanations for so many things become apparent to outsiders only through this kind of educated observation.

Hardly anyone can tell you exactly where the river starts, or much else about it, but it flows through every romantic's spirit. It nourished Maupassant's pen and watered Monet's lily pond.

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It initially proved more problematic for Rosenblum, an Arizona native and acknowledged klutz, with such cursory marine equipment as wrench and varnish. Once official owner of La Vieille, however, Rosenblum had no choice but to allow his passion for the Seine to overcome his predilection for steam heat and stable floors. Some aspects of this secret are alarming, and Rosenblum's sentiment does not spare the Seine's shabbier facts. I am more healthy than the Cheetoh version of myself, but I am still overwhelmed, overweight and overworked.

I keeping a firm grip on my behaviors but exhausted by doing so.

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My visit with you is almost over, but I am so delighted to report that something is stirring within me. I am noticing while I am here with you that I am smiling more. And crying more. I now realize that instead of giving each day my best, I had been treating it like it owed me something.

I see how I have been mired down in my beliefs from my past that I failed to see the possibility of a future. I had forgotten who I truly was until this moment. I have forgotten how strong, capable and in love with life I truly was underneath the years of burying myself underneath the negative beliefs. Today I am willing to step into the mystery of life, because, deep down, I knew that everything I desire. I have been dressing up instead of hanging out in my scrubs on my off-work days.

I am excited for manifesting other dreams of which I have not even yet considered. I am exercising, not to lose weight, but to feel alive and strong.

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I am finding myself naturally choosing healthy foods because I believe that I deserved it. Who I have become as a mom brings tears to my eyes. I am no longer the stressed mom eating Cheetohs in the middle of the night, the one who is too busy to arrange a playdate, no longer the mom who is snapping at her daughter because she feels trapped in her life.

It is with you to where I return to for growth and inspiration.

Exploring Secret Bars in Paris: Enter through the freezer of a pizzeria?! PARIS VLOG

You have shown me how to tap into my Paris State of Mind no matter where I am living, what is going on around me, or what life hands me. Where seduction is an art form. Eat with pleasure.

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Live life in style. Savor the simple pleasures of life. Saunter towards my goals with passion and joy. Live artfully and well. I have mastered the ability to create the life I crave. Please continue to teach me how to tend to the details of my daily life. You have clearly shown me over the years that many days well lived, leads to a well-lived life. I loathed my reflection in the mirror. I thought that life as it was, was as good as it could get.

I constantly felt like I was not enough. Many moons ago, you asked me to first love myself, next to love the world, and finally to love my life as it was … not how I hoped it would be. I now realize that you have shown me that Love is a powerful decision that supports better choices and creates better outcomes. With the kind of love you have shown me over the years thru experiences, I know that I am always just one choice away from changing everything.

And, the best choice that I have ever made is to commit to choosing love.

Did you grab the FKL Manifesto? This is a spectacular blog post! You take your readers on a journey of self-discovery and illumination. Very heartfelt and inspiring. Such a lovely post. This spoke to me because this is one of my big struggles. Thank you Tonya for getting in my head. Thank you, Cherie! It's been a journey, and one that I'm still on.

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But, I know deep down, that this kind of change is available to anyone. And, you don't have to go to Paris to experience it, but I always highly suggest it ;. I have also always loved Paris, and I finally visited my dream city for the first time back in I traveled by myself, and I knew less than 10 words of French! It wasn't a perfect trip, and it has taken me a long time to get to a better place in my life overall, but that initial trip to Paris remains one of my dearest and fondest memories.

Paris never leaves you. Thank you for sharing, Tonya.