Mastermind: How Dave Brailsford Reinvented the Wheel (90 Minutes Shorts Book 3)

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An event brings together many different parties each of whom are involved for their own specific reasons and normally each will be expected to review how the event worked for them. Sponsors will not expect event organisers to assess the boost to their brand, neither will athletes need a report from organisers on their performance. The event organising team will, however, gain vital insights from understanding the experience of all parties.

Let's get this Tour de France party started ...

They will have planned to accommodate hospitality services, camera crews, medal ceremonies and VIP guests and should be keen to know whether each groups needs were met. One main stakeholder group often ignored in the afterglow of an event is the local community.

They will have been promised that the disruption and expense of hosting will bring lasting benefits but typically the rights holder will move on and the organising committee will disband leaving locals to pick up the pieces. Studies will be done into legacy and great claims made but rarely will these really capture the experience of those directly affected. London has always been an iconic destination for event goers with its offer of a range of international sports staged every month of the year, but promises to be the ultimate sporting year!

The eyes of the world are firmly set on London and the city is ready to put on one hell of a show. The best Games legacy for London would be to welcome many more major events to our capital. So what can you look forward to as a sports fan next year? Players of chessboxing combine a boxing training session with a chess challenge.

Each session starts with warm up exercises, stretching, boxing technique and bag and pad-work, then during regular three to five minute recovery periods, competitors either play chess or tackle some tactics training.

Neil Mackay: Why Glasgow’s Imelda Marcos shames the city, the SNP and the Yes movement

Winners of the race receive the coveted engraved frying pan. Dozens of men and women plunge into the Serpentine in Hyde Park to swim the yards in temperatures just above freezing to spectators cheering on the banks.

What is Kobo Super Points?

Only members of the Serpentine Swimming Club may take part in the race. Kite Festival — mid June With around 25, bike and kite lovers in attendance, the Blackheath Bike and Kite Festival is packed full of high drama from professional kite flying displays with competitors from around the world. The festival also features plenty of activities for children and young people with slaloms, slow races and limbos.

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The annual publication for brands, agencies and rights holders returns with twenty brand new sponsorship case studies from around the world. For full details or to order your copy please visit sportbusiness. Our 30 offices in 20 markets deliver strategically sound creative solutions based on insight, experience and a deep understanding of what binds people together into communities: shared passions.

From humble beginnings as a one-off independent sports and lifestyle marketing agency based in Paris, France, a period of organic growth and carefully selected agency acquisitions has allowed us in less than 5 years, to double our size and our global footprint, making us one of the fastest growing agencies in the world. Our teams around the world deliver strategically sound creative solutions based on insight, experience and a deep understanding of what binds people together into communities: shared passions.

This coming March, organizing committees, sports sponsorship practitioners, politicians, rights holders,. Lomu is a member of the GSFB honorary board and has been a supporter of the conference from its start. Here he takes some time to ask Boyer about how the GSFB came to be, and shed some light on his own ongoing commitment. One thing I realized was that sport touches everything: politics, tourism, you name it, and of course the digital world. With change comes debate.

This sparked a little nugget of an idea about gathering sports stakeholders to debate what would happen next in sports, now and 10 years down the line, when it really matters. Four years later we are still hosted by this great sporting and cultural destination, thus allowing us to actively debate, network, build business and connect potential partners, returning home with insights and tools to help us all drive new projects. JL: Thanks Lucien. I witnessed first-hand how sport can be a unique force in life.

This past March in Barcelona I took a group of primary school children to the local field to do a rugby clinic and talk to them about some of the key values of life, which are also reflected in sport.


This year, several sessions will focus on these topics, as well as sports in emerging markets, hosting mega-sporting events , the effect on host nations, sport and video games, sport and philanthropy There is so much to discuss, debate and celebrate. Thanks for your time Jonah. See you in March if not before then.

Deep Red Creative is a design and marketing agency serving clients all over the UK working within the Sports and Retail market. It deals with strategic and creative marketing for campaigns and projects across all media. Contact: Sarah Mammatt E: sarah deepredcreative. We Listen, We Think, We Do RedTorch provides commercial strategy, sales and marketing services for rights holders, associations, organising committees, cities and national sports organisations.

Fulford Public Relations is an award winning agency in Singapore, with core practices spanning local and regional sports and lifestyle industries. Professional Sports Group is an innovative and results-driven PR and marketing consultancy with global experience and contacts. An independent, multilingual company with Asiawide know-how and global reach, we provide innovative PR campaigns, standard-setting event publications and outstanding media and event management.

World leading sports branding organisation Grapefruit Graphics is an established company at the forefront of the branding industry. Operating across all sporting arenas, whilst specialising in the marine and winter sports industries, we can share our extensive knowledge of brand presentation and insight into sporting environments to ensure sponsors get maximum exposure and effective results. At Euroasia Sports, we provide services geared towards ensuring maximum return in sports-related projects by using our expertise in the fields of business management and the sports sector for all institutions and establishments we work with.

Our speciality is sports related risk but we are equally comfortable helping clients with non sports related risk such as weather. Whether you are a Football Club wanting to eliminate the impact of Player Bonuses or a Car Dealer wanting to offer significant rebates on car sales we are able to help.

Calacus provides bespoke public relations consultancy that delivers first class results. We deliver national and international campaigns for a wide range of sports events, sponsors, corporations, foundations, administrators and athletes and we have staged events and campaigns across the world, from London to Beijing. We specialise in media relations, message development, issues and crisis management and campaign planning and activation. IMG Consulting harnesses the expertise, influence and resources of the most powerful sports and entertainment agency in the world, to deliver world class advice and sponsorship programmes to our corporate clients.

The full-service agency consults rights holders and organising committees in most areas of the sports marketing value chain including distribution of media rights, host broadcast, production, event operations, brand development and sponsorship. Infront also advises sponsors in the activation of their marketing rights. JTA provides winning strategic, creative communications and international relations consultancy for clients in the International Sports Movement.

We have helped mastermind three successful Olympic bid campaigns - most recently, Sochi and have since been retained by the Sochi Organising Committee. These projects range from initial feasibility studies to strategy development. We answer those important client questions of what, where, why, how, when and who with.

Professional Sports Group is an award-winning sponsorship consultancy. With 12 years of global experience and contacts, we are known for our ability to deliver and our commitment to innovate. We create inspiring content — in print publications, digital media and for live events. Our unique track record includes working with IFs and sponsors as well as winning Olympic and other bids, including London and Rio Now, we are on hand to help bring your story alive in London in and beyond.

We work with brands, campaigns and federations, helping you to build relationships and achieve results.

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Our expertise includes narrative development; speechwriting and presentation support; copywriting, graphic design and full publishing services. Contact: T: E: nick. Rushmans is a consultancy and international event management company engaged in all aspects of major sport and political events worldwide.

Rushmans draws on its 30 years of experience to ensure its clients achieve their goals and maximise the value of their projects.

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Rushmans are able to fulfil consultancy or complete turnkey major event management solutions over a period of years across all major event disciplines or one Functional Area such as Press Operations, Broadcast Services, Accreditation, Safety and Security, VIP and Protocol to name a few. In practical terms this means putting experienced international senior managers on the ground in territories to work with local resource to achieve success, thereby leaving a legacy and pool of experienced in-country professionals, capable of operating to the highest world class standards.

Rushmans has a reputation for delivering first class results for large or small projects, whatever or wherever they are. SMG Insight delivers leading edge research and consulting solutions for world-leading sports governing bodies, sponsors and sports investors in order to meet their strategic and business objectives. Smith Sponsorship is a sponsorship consultancy experienced in delivering high profile activity based on straightforward principles.