Exquisite Corpse

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Allotropic Conclusions: Propositions on. Skin Race and the Exquisite Corpse Tissue culture Tail Piece Notes Bibliography Index About the Author An insert of color images follows page Rachel C.

Access this eBook from one of our digital partners Table of Contents Introduction. Andre Breton wrote about the exquisite corpse as a way of breaking apart the expected notions of a structure and working together to create a new amalgam of images that could not be the result of any single participant, but rather of the combination of the group. While the syntax of the piece is dictated by the linear mechanics of the sculpture - the piece of film, like time, travels only forward - the resulting images are nonlinear, made up of disparate parts.

The piece is an open system with the tactile whirling of film and the sound of the projectors turning, which spin in tandem with the bodies on the screen. Your email address will not be published.

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View All Events. I think this might be true of all art.

Art is a place where the artist feels What they are doing is more important than it actually is. What I know of the Atlantic is red.

Exquisite corpse

What I know of its wetness is blood. And asparagus without a tightly wound head drops in price.

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Words stick. The ocean is bottomless, The hour is a clock, Warbles tic, strobe, bounce across search engines, trip octopi-like past harbors clotted with plastic cups.

A sitar infolds. Stays planted. No cotton here in this field.

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