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Oleg Cassini excelled at tennis and competed seriously since his early days as a ranked Italian Junior Davis Cup player. His skill at tennis led to a fortuitous design connection. Recounted in his autobiography, newly arrived in Hollywood, Cassini played tennis at the prestigious West Side Tennis Club which led to a doubles game with the head of Paramount Pictures.

The silver winner's cup was presented to him personally by Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

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Cassini competed professionally in the sport of harness racing. Among the 40 models were movie star Tippi Hedren. In his autobiography Cassini claims to have suggested to President Kennedy that he take steps to organize The Bureau of Indian Affairs, the action which led to the American Indian Movement. The couple divorced in Cassini married actress Gene Tierney , on 2 June The couple separated on 20 October , and entered into a property settlement agreement on 10 November in which Cassini's fifty percent share of the marital estate was dedicated for the ongoing care of Daria.

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Tierney won an uncontested divorce in California on 13 March , and finalized the divorce one year later: 13 March It was reported by the Los Angeles Times that the couple reconciled on 9 April , but did not remarry. Oleg Cassini died from complications of an aneurysm in Manhasset, New York , in He is survived by his wife of over thirty years, Marianne.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oleg Cassini. Paris , France. Manhasset, New York , U. My Preoccupation is to make women look beautiful. Better than most—second to none. I dressed Jackie to be a star in a major film, which she was, the most famous first lady of all time.

I became her secretary of style.

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Oleg Cassini's remarkable talent helped Jackie and the New Frontier get off to a magnificent start. Their historic collaboration gave us memorable changes in fashion, and style classics that remain timeless to this day. I am addicted to the habit of winning. If I am going to compete, I want to win, no point in being there for the walk. Biography portal. Women's Wear Daily : 6—8.

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  • Retrieved 31 January Eugene Register Guard. Retrieved 20 February Los Angeles Times. Vanity Fair. Harris County Public Records. Retrieved 11 January This image has not been. During this orbit, Cassini gets within 1, miles of Saturn's outer atmosphere and within 2, miles of the inner edge of Saturn's D ring. Check out the photos from the second dive and first as well in the gallery above. Jake Ellison can be reached at jakeellisonjournalism gmail. Follow Jake on Twitter at twitter.

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